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What Is A Comprehensive Insurance Policy: About, Benefits, How To Buy Options


HDFC ERGO two-wheeler insurance covers a wide range of two-wheelers, including motorcycles, motorbikes, electric bikes, and scooters. Comprehensive insurance for two wheeler is also preferred because it guarantees exclusive coverage for your vehicle. In this article, we will take you through a guide to choosing the right comprehensive insurance policy for bikes.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy


Comprehensive insurance for two wheeler is the best option for safeguarding your electric scooty. With HDFC ERGO’s all-inclusive, comprehensive insurance for two wheeler, you are protected whenever you operate your vehicle across dangerous areas or crowded streets. With the help of this insurance, you are shielded from threats like theft, accidents, and any harm you might cause to a third party. Remember to look at our insurance policy for bike options to earn discounts.

What is comprehensive insurance for two wheeler?

A comprehensive insurance policy for bike offers complete protection for your bike against various damages, including accident damage, fire and theft damage, and damage from natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods. Damages brought on by riots and terrorist attacks are also covered by comprehensive insurance for two wheeler.

What does the comprehensive insurance policy for two wheeler cover?

Includes Third-party liabilities

Comprehensive insurance for two wheeler includes third-party liability protection. It also covers any injuries to third parties and third-party people and any harm done to a third party’s bicycle as a consequence of an accident affecting the covered bike.

Covers a range of damages

 A comprehensive insurance policy for bike offers your bike broad protection against a range of damages. These include damages done through accidents, theft, fire, and natural calamities. It also covers the damages sustained through man-made disasters like riots and terrorist attacks.

Supports financially

Comprehensive insurance for two wheeler protects your finances from liabilities to third parties, such as any harm done to a third party or their property as a consequence of an accident involving the covered bike. The death of a third party caused by the insured motorbike and its legal obligations is covered by the third-party liability insurance.

Provides Personal Accident Cover

A comprehensive insurance policy for bike offers you a Personal Accident Cover of 15 lakhs, which safeguards your bike and covers medical costs in the event of deaths or injuries brought on by accidents involving the covered bike.

Offers Add-on options

You can broaden the coverage of your comprehensive insurance for two wheeler by choosing from our top-notch add-ons. The add-on choices allow you to extend the scope of protection provided by your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Third-party coverage offers insurance against any legal repercussions in the event of the destruction of property or injuries to third parties. Comprehensive insurance for two wheeler, on the other hand, provides extra protection for one’s injuries and property damage in addition to the legally required third-party insurance. The price of insurance policy for bike is impacted by comprehensive plans’ greater range of insurance coverage. If you have a complete insurance plan, you won’t have to worry about expensive repair costs that would otherwise exhaust your finances. These fixes can be required if your car sustains damage from collisions, tragedies, natural disasters, or intentional dangers.

Why should you choose comprehensive insurance for two wheeler?

Available on Discounts

Comprehensive insurances for bikes are available at amazing discounts. Purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy right away!

Offers Uncountable Claims

With Comprehensive insurance for two wheeler, you can claim as many times as you want to! Insure now!

Customised Coverage

We provide a variety of two-wheeler insurance plans, including annual and long-term complete insurance and annual and long-term liability-only coverage.

Easy Procedure

The process of insuring is quite easy. It protects you from the monetary losses brought on by harm to your TW engine, the heart of your two-wheeler.

How to Buy Comprehensive Bike Insurance Online?

It’s easy and convenient to purchase comprehensive insurance for two wheeler online from HDFC ERGO. To purchase a comprehensive insurance policy for bike online right now, simply follow these steps.

  1. Visit the official website of HDFC ERGO.
  2. Be ready with the required documents and submit them on the screen.
  3. Click on the policy coverage type as comprehensive bike insurance.
  4. Make an appropriate IDV choice as per the registration details and usage of your electric scooty.
  5. Expand the coverage by adding more options if you wish.
  6. Head towards making payment securely using available payment options
  7. You will receive an email with policy documents; save them.

How to calculate the premium of comprehensive insurance for two wheeler?

The type of bike insurance plan you choose will be influenced by a number of important factors, including the premium you must pay. A premium calculator, a basic tool, can be used to determine the exact premium you will be required to pay for the comprehensive insurance for two wheeler of your choice.

  1. Enter the details about your bike, such as model, make, registration location, and year of registration.
  2. Then, if available, apply any No Claim Bonuses before selecting the add-ons you want to purchase (NCB).
  3. Click on “Get Price.”
  4. The bike insurance calculator will show you how much two-wheeler insurance will cost and help you choose a plan that perfectly matches your budget.


Bike owners should consider buying comprehensive insurance even though it may not be necessary because it provides comprehensive coverage for the vehicle. In the insurance sector, HDFC ERGO is a well-known and reputable brand to provide bike insurance to citizens nationwide.

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