What are the Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Your Children and Families?

Several health organizations in the United States including the American Lung Association, have carried out considerable amounts of research on the health risks of passive or second hand smoke. Places with highest threat of 2nd hand cigarette smoke are restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many public areas. Even with bans in a number of US states of smoking in the public locations, not enough has actually been done to shield non-smokers from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

The effects of second hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes are as harmful for non-smokers as they are for the cigarette smokers themselves.

E-cigs have been defined as offering a much safer option compared to smoking regular cigarettes, having 500 to 1400 times far less hazardous chemicals when compared with a regular cigarette. With the increasing awareness of secondhand smoke, e-cigs are becoming more popular across society.

Exactly what are the effects of second-hand smoking?

Secondhand smoke is exceptionally unsafe for non-smokers and here are some of the better understood health issues:

  1. Over 4000 chemical substances are discovered in tobacco, out of which 50 are understood to trigger cancer such as Hydrogen cyanide, Benzene, and carbon monoxide.
  2. Involuntary exposure and inhalation of smoke provides the exact same possibilities of death as being an active smoker yourself.
  3. Second hand smoke is responsible for over 50,000 non-smoker fatalities in America alone.
  4. The risk of lung cancer increases by over 30% when regularly exposed to tobacco smoke.
  5. Standing with a smoker and breathing in the 2nd hand smoke for as little as 10 minutes is enough to begin harming your heart. Tobacco damages the internal linings of the capillaries, increasing the chance of cardiovascular disease.
  6. Due to the Moms and Dads smoking cigarettes, over 200,000 children each year, under 18, struggle with respiratory infections, including Bronchitis and Pneumonia, leading to extreme asthma and having to be hospitalized.
  7. Babies exposed to passive smoking (from parents, families, friends) have an increased risk of dying from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  8. Smoking during pregnancy, or being exposed to 2nd hand smoke while pregnant, has been linked with early delivery, unhealthy delivery, SIDS, and irregular birth weight.

So how can you stay clear of second hand smoke?

Although electronic cigarettes have not been declared ‘healthy’ they offer a healthier option and are far less likely to cause the damage and disease associated with tobacco cigarettes. It is safer for non-smokers too, or anyone around, as the smoke exhaled from e-cigs is literally water vapor, free from the harmful chemical compounds contained in tobacco smoke. According to a study conducted by FDA, the chemicals found in e-cigs are 500 to 1400 times less hazardous than those found in a standard cigarette.

Parents who are unable to, or find it hard to quit smoking, should understand that the smoke from a tobacco cigarette is as unsafe for their children as it is for them. Never risk your children’s lives and save yours too by choosing a much better and safer option, such as electronic cigarettes.