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What are the Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Your Children and Families?

What are the Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Your Children and Families?

Several health organizations in the United States including the American Lung Association, have carried out considerable amounts of research on the health risks of passive or second hand smoke. Places with highest threat of 2nd hand cigarette smoke are restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many public areas. Even with bans in a number of US states of smoking in the public locations, not enough has actually been done to shield non-smokers from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

The effects of second hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes are as harmful for non-smokers as they are for the cigarette smokers themselves.

E-cigs have been defined as offering a much safer option compared to smoking regular cigarettes, having 500 to 1400 times far less hazardous chemicals when compared with a regular cigarette. With the increasing awareness of secondhand smoke, e-cigs are becoming more popular across society.

Exactly what are the effects of second-hand smoking?

Secondhand smoke is exceptionally unsafe for non-smokers and here are some of the better understood health issues:

  1. Over 4000 chemical substances are

Passive Smoking Dangers

Passive Smoking Dangers

Passive smoking also referred as second hand smoking is inhaling cigarette smoke from a smoker. It is as dangerous as the actual smoking itself as the harmful substances contained in the tobacco cigarettes are released into the air which you inhale. The carbon dioxide plus other harmful substances gets their way through to your body making you equal with the real smoker. Health organizations have been demanding strong measures to be put in place so as to protect second hand smokers. They campaign for smoke free shopping centers, sport facilities, restaurants, public transport, playgrounds and schools just to mention a few. All non smokers including children have their health rights which must be observed.

Smoking around your children puts their health in danger. Tobacco smoke is known to be the most harmful interior pollutant. Young children cannot make a choice on whether to inhale or not as they get the smoke involuntarily. Second hand smoking causes similar health effects as actual smoking. Furthermore, studies show that second hand smoking is even more dangerous than real …

Facts About Smoking E-Cigs

Facts About Smoking E-Cigs

Smoking is really addictive and it relieves you of stress. Once you start to smoke it is one habit that is really hard to get rid of. A lot of you smokers out there really love to puff regularly, yet you are thinking about how to stop, so that your health would not be affected negatively by nicotine. You could start stopping by lessening your consumption from a pack a day to 2-3 sticks per day. But that would be very hard, and where’s the fun in that? Well there is a way. But you wouldn’t literally stop smoking. You would just have a healthier way to smoke.

Smoking E-Cigs

The healthy, or more correctly put, a less damaging way to smoke is by using this slick gizmo called the E-Cig. This E-Cig has been sold worldwide since 2007.

The E-Cig or electronic cigarette is a healthier and safer way for smoke lovers out there to indulge in.

  • Smoking E-Cigs is safer because the hazardous substance in cigarettes like tobacco that produces nicotine has been