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8 Fashionable And Trendy Wedding Bands That Look Great On Every Couple

The wearing of a wedding ring, sometimes known as a wedding band, is a sign of marital status. It shows that one is married. A wedding ring is forged from metal, such as gold, silver, or another precious metal. It is also beautified with precious stones like gems and natural or lab-grown diamonds. Before a wedding, the bride, who was the fiancee, is usually given an engagement ring.

Fashionable And Trendy Wedding Bands

An engagement ring, often known as a betrothal ring, is simply a type of jewelry that is frequently worn by some ladies, particularly in western cultures. It is added to wedding bands for women. The fiancé of a lady offers it to her as a proposal. This engagement ring serves as a declaration that the wearer is soon to be married. Traditional proposal rings often have one main stone that either stands alone. An engagement ring can also be surrounded by tiny diamonds.

Engagement rings are sometimes given more thought than wedding rings. But, this is not how it should be. The wedding bands must not be underestimated. It is as important as the engagement ring (if not more).

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

Some people do not think it is necessary to wear an engagement ring after being married. This is because they will be wearing two rings(the engagement ring and the wedding ring). As a result, women only wear their wedding bands daily and save the engagement ring for special occasions. Now, which should be given more thought; the item you wear occasionally or the item you wear consistently? Of course, the latter.

You may not take the kind of ring design into consideration for a male. But rings always seem like a big deal to women. There are jewelry companies that can be trusted when it comes to wedding bands for women. As the husband-to-be, you must go the extra mile to contact these companies and get your fiancée the wedding ring of her dream.

Nowadays, wedding rings can either have one design(to match) or different designs for couples.

To-match wedding ring

This kind of ring is gradually becoming a trend. This pair of wedding rings come in one design. That means the bride and groom have an identical ring design. The only difference may be just the color and size for identification.

Couples ring with a different design

This is the regular kind of pattern. The groom’s ring has a different design from the bride’s. For example; the bride may wear a solitaire wedding band for women, while the groom wears a thick white gold ring.

Fashionable and Trending Wedding Bands Designs

Fashionable And Trendy Wedding Bands

Shopping for wedding rings can be a stressful task. This is because you want to be entirely satisfied with this long-term investment that you’ll be wearing every day. Whether you choose an identical set or not, the rings should  strike a chord with you both.

Wedding rings come in so many kinds that if you want to choose a gorgeous pair of rings for you and your fiance, you must go through a selection process of many magnificent designs. The majority of wedding bands for women illustrate how true this is. Rings have gone beyond just a round metal band with a little stone on the top. Below are some trending ring designs that will look great on you and your partner:

1. Serpenti Viper Ring

This ring has always been associated with the serpent, which represents eternity, energy, and protection. The animal takes on stylized forms to coil around the finger as rings are portrayed in either white gold or pink gold. It is also studded with diamonds for extra glitter.

This wedding band captures the power of seduction by disguising sensuality and temptation with a captivating design. The jewel is elegant and glamorous as it coils around the finger. It’s impressed with the priceless beauty of the scales and the distinct sinuosity of the snake. The Serpenti Viper two-coil ring mostly has 18 kt rose gold with pave diamonds.

2. Modern Diamond Wedding Ring

There is nothing else like this diamond wedding ring which is also used as an engagement ring. Due to its artistic layout and alternating links, it has a regal look and feel. Brilliant-cut diamonds are set into the 18K rose gold to make you shine always. For those who appreciate wide rings with a little additional glitz, it is perfect. So you can express your love in the most trendy and stylish way possible.

3. Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Couples

If you love to-match rings as stated in the introduction of this article, then you definitely want this! Those who are fond of band-style wedding rings also opt for this. They are constructed of rose gold, a pinkish metal that is regarded as romantic in nature. Men and women who detest the sparkle of yellow gold will appreciate the formal tone of this metal. Each ring has a conventional metal band width of 6mm, and the female ring is adorned with a series of little diamonds.

4. 6mm Thick Gold Wedding Band for Men

Wedding bands that are thick and wide are very popular because of their striking yet simple appearance. They are more durable than thin rings and make great statements. It’s a well-liked style of wedding band for grooms, with a solitaire diamond set in 18-karat gold. The top portion has a touch of rhodium plating and is thicker than the base.

5. Couple Rings with the Symbol of Infinity

On the inner side of this wedding ring, “I love you” is engraved. It also has an infinity-designed curve on the top of the band. It comes mostly in either white gold or yellow gold. A couple can choose to pick different colours for each identification’s sake. The groom can choose yellow gold and the bride white gold. The infinity curve rings symbolize a commitment to one another that endures till death. It also serves as a lovely reminder of your love for one another.

6. Couple Puzzle Ring

Rings for couples can be made as one design that merges when brought together. In some designs, when both rings join together, a heart emblem that has been divided into two becomes one. To add a luxurious touch to the rings, the heart can be embellished with lovely tiny lab-grown diamonds.

7. Set of King and Queen Crown Couple Rings

This is a crown-like ring style that couples wear as a matching set. The designs of the king and queen marriage rings also come in various forms. People often choose different metals for the groom’s and bride’s rings. A tungsten band for the guy and a platinum gold ring for the female can both look stunning. The bride’s ring can be adorned with pave diamonds on the crown ring’s bottom.

8. Couple Ring Set with Customization

Names printed on the surface of couples’  finger rings can transform them into fantastic pieces of jewelry. The rings, which are made of sterling silver, might have engravings on them. On the rings, people enjoy writing plenty of beautiful names. Some even print the pet names on their rings. For example, the groom can choose “my baby” for his wife’s ring while the bride can choose “my darling” for her husband’s ring.

Final Thought

Marriage rings are jewelry that should be worn forever as a vow to each other. The bride and groom should jointly select the wedding ring, and it should be unique to them. You need to choose wisely, and that’s really important. This is because you may not have to make the choices again once it’s been worn at your wedding.

There are a lot of ring choices out there. If you do not like any of these in this article, you can explore others. However, just make sure you get yourselves rings that you will love forever.


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